Caramac LIVES ON!

Caramac LIVES ON!

When everyone thought Caramac was never going to be experienced again, Rum B@stard resurrect the delicious confectionary and add it to its absolutely fabulous family of Caribbean Spiced Rum Liqueurs!

Bringing the unforgettable taste of luxurious white chocolate and caramel, blended together with a exquisite Caribbean Spiced Rum, the result is a Caramac experience that is unmissable!

Available in a 50cl collectors skull bottle, double hand waxed in the famous Caramac colours, with a perfect ABV of 20%, this liqueur is designed to be sipped over ice, or part of an inventive cocktail!

Rum B@stard Caramac is also available in a Gift Set with branded tumbler, a perfect gift for any Rum B@stard.

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